Finally in India

STP60596rAfter screenings in North America and Europe, SMD finally made it to its first Indian audiences as the film made its Asia premiere in Calcutta at the 13th Kolkata Film Festival.  The film played to a packed house of Bengali film lovers which included many children with their parents.  Director Kartik Singh was met with congratulations from audience members after the screening and even signed autographs for people.

STP60434But the most remarkable part of the screening was that it came at a time of great unrest in Calcutta.  Due to political happenings, the whole city was on strike.  In fact, just participating in any activity was grounds for being hit with violence by the striking political party.  So while audiences watched Saving Mom and Dad, police officers walked up and down the aisles maintaining order and assuring that everything was okay.  The strikes will continue through Monday, November 12.  This made for one of the most exciting screenings yet.

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