Three Smaller US Cities This Fall

This Fall, after some play in Europe and larger markets like LA and New York, Saving Mom and Dad is being shown in some smaller US venues, places that are more maybe representative of American values and culture.

Bend, Oregon is home to BendFilm. In early October, we had the opportunity to show in front of a feature. Usually festivals show short films in blocks and it is kind of grab bag. I find that depending upon what other films are in the program and the order of the films screened, people can be more or less receptive to a film. Bend was special because we had the honor of showing in before not just any feature. We opened for Beyond The Call, a documentary by Academy award nominated Adrian Belic. As I heard later, the film played well, and I was regretting not being there for it.

Another show I didn’t want to miss was at Wild Rose Independent in Des Moines, Iowa. This place is only about a four hour drive from where I grew up. I got a message from festival director Kimberly Busbee, which I found really interesting. Here is what she wrote:

If the point of art is to provoke, it hit home with at least one festival goer. An elderly man who made religious films in the 1970s and who is a "right wing" Christian actually walked out of the festival right after seeing your film! He did come back, though, and said that the film "made him think." I count that as being very successful! Thank you for making such a courageous film!

To close out the trio of small US cities, Asheville, North Carolina is coming up next weekend (November 8-11).  More details at:


How will our film fare in the South?  Stay tuned.

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