Director Statement

Ravi is the anchor of my film. His strong point of view will emerge from us always being with him and on his face as he takes things in — with whatever emotion is there — enthusiasm, surprise, disappointment or confusion. The slightest change in facial expression will bring us closer to Ravi.

The Indian family will be shown in as real a way as possible. Nothing will be done to make them especially exotic. No sitar music will be there to accompany their every move, nor incense burning nor goofy smiling and humorous Indian accents. I will show this family with dignity in their daily lives.

I believe we can relate to Ravi's struggle. On his journey, he learns to question the word of a beloved authority figure.  When pushed into a corner, Ravi stands up for himself and has the courage to say that he does not agree. Through taking this action, he is able to listen to his own heart and find truth. Ultimately, my goal in directing this film is to inspire audiences with this boy's remarkable courage. 

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